🇬🇧 San Miniato and Fucecchio, towns in the Tuscan countryside, border places between the province of Pisa and Florence. Shared by a rich history, dating between the 8th and 10th centuries, they share the famous Via Francigena. In the past, as today, strategic points in central Tuscany, both are part of the Comprensorio del Cuoio, Italy’s leading tanning pole in terms of leather and hide production quality. In addition to the raw material, the highest manufacturing for Italian haute couture production is concentrated here. Not only landscapes, but a richness of culture and history form the backdrop to these places.
Theatre of important events in the past and development in modern times make these two cities a place of attraction and discovery for travellers and tourists from all over the world.

You will discover the place where Napoleon passed in search of noble titles, without which he could not enlist and change the course of history, witnessed by the RT76 Statue we produced and installed in the centre of old town. Here one can find the most prestigious white truffle of San Miniato, visit Italian’s largest inland marshland. of the Padule di Fucecchio (Fucecchio Marshes), the native places of the famous Indro Montanelli, and enjoy many other experiences immersed among landscapes, histories and cultures. Accompanied by quality cold meats, cheeses, oil and wine that our hills produce.

Relax and enjoy all this during the day, because there are many more attractions until late in the evening. Welcome to all of this…

Round Table 76 San Miniato – Fucecchio was born on 25 January 2020. A Table combining two citys and groups of people who have always been close-knit. Ours is a young Table, but with an important experiences. We know and hold high the values of Round Table. Hospitality, enthusiasm, the desire to be together and to put ourselves at the forefront of projects are our main qualities.
We always try to do our best and give our best. We have prepared an AGM under the banner of relax, fun and light-heartedness, thinking about living the moment together to the fullest.

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